Job Fairs For Military Veterans

At Job Fairs 4 Military Veterans, we have made a commitment to become a central bank to keep our veterans informed of as many job fairs as we can find or receive notification about until at least 75% of those who have so bravely served our nation are re-integrated into the private work force once again.

We understand that one of the main problems for many vets getting hired into private businesses is trying to explain how your military experience is a qualifying requirement to fill a civilian position.  Without the ability to cross-reference your qualifications, you may as well have been twiddling your thumbs and watching television during your service.  We know that this is not the case.  Over the next few weeks, we will be offering multiple articles on ways to present yourself and your resume in such a way that utilizes all those skill sets that are needed right now by local businesses.

Making the transition from military to civilian life is never easy but for those who have been in combat for several years or lived overseas as support troops, the adjustments seem enormous.  If you have been trying to compete with people who have experienced the latest changes in civilian jobs, you probably are overwhelmed with how different interviews are and how much the names of skills have been altered.

One of the first articles presented here addresses:

  • Issues of transitioning back into civilian jobs
  • what is expected from you when you go for an interview
  • what you need to include in your resume
  • what personality types employers seek most and refuse to hire
  • tips on how to what you can expect for salaries, income and benefits

Granted this first article only touches on the basics of the process of creating several successfulemployment applications, but in days to come we will be addressing them each more fully.

Another focus that will be given special attention is where veterans are able to get free training and education in their home towns with focus on those who do not live near a VA center or have disappointing experiences with their local VA.   There are many private companies stepping forward to help in the training and transitioning of military veterans.  In addition, there are some counties, cities and states that are offering free programs to help update returning vets with or without disabilities.  There are organizations that are gathering resources around the nation to push the needs of veterans to the forefront.

But, our primary goal is to list current job fairs which you can attend and meet with representatives from businesses who are determined to include veterans in their work force and start networking with other veterans in your local area.

We hope that you will notify us of any job fairs designated specifically for interviewing for the purpose of hiring veterans, as well as notifying us if you know of a company that is Returning Veteran Friendly workplaces. Let us be one of your main resources for getting back into the civilian work force as a valuable member of our society.

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